Control Type

We recommend our inherently chain-free Soft Rise system which uses a spring and brake mechanism for accurate and smooth control of the blind. Soft Rise blinds are operated by hand from the bottom rail and the blind rises smoothly to a pre-set upper stop when released. When specifying Soft Rise we recommend the use of decorative tassel or decorative bar at the base of the blind. Blinds with a child-safe chain are made with a plastic chain and two child-safe chain-breaks to ensure child safety. All chains are colour matched to the component colour. Silver chains (with grey chain-breaks) are also available. For heavyweight blinds, a continuous chain can be specified but this must be used with the supplied chain tidy (attached to the wall or window recess) to meet child safety standard. Roller blinds can also be motorised with remote control for the ultimate in convenience and child-safety. Please remember to include a remote control and charge if specifying a motorised blind.