Child Safety

Child Safety standards are covered by BS EN 13120. All Curtain Express blinds meet this standard. It is illegal to sell or professionally install a window blind that does not adhere to these standards.

The fabric range can be found on the following pages. Many of the fabrics are available as both roller and vertical blinds for a fully co-ordinated look - simply check the icons for availability.

In summary the standards require:

  • Safety devices for preventing any cords or chains from creating a hazardous loop
  • The testing of all safety critical systems of internal blinds
  • The testing of blinds using safety systems
  • The fitting of safety devices on cords or chains at the point of manufacture
  • Limitation on cord or chain lengths
  • Warnings and instructions

The standard requires blinds to be compliant if intended to be installed in premises where children aged 0-42 months are likely to have access or be present such as homes, hotels, hospitals, churches, shops, schools, nurseries and public places in general. However, guidance from the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills advises that window blinds in all homes and public buildings should adhere to the standards as it is impossible to say that a home or public building is 100% unlikely to have a young child present at some point.

Child Safe by Design

A number of blinds are inherently child safe as all chains and cords have been eliminated. This includes roller blinds with soft rise controls, vertical blinds with wand control and all motorised blinds. We recommend the use of inherently child safe products when children are likely to be present.

Installation Height

Installation Height is used to calculate the maximum chain/cord length and is defined as the distance from the top of the blind to the floor when fitted. Where a measuring service is provided the installation height should always be known and quoted on the order.

Cord & Chain Lengths

The maximum length of control chains and cords depends on whether the installation height is known or unknown and the child safety components used for each type of blind. If the maximum length is longer than the blind, the chain/cords will be finished to the same drop as the blind (if you require the maximum length please contact us). Where continuous chains are used, plastic chains are supplied in pre-set loops in 25cm increments. In this case the chain length will be rounded down to the next shorter size. Chains/cords can be supplied shorter than the standard allows but never longer.

Cord / Chain Length Calculations

These can be found in the Child Safety box in each section of the price list.

Manufacturer's Labels and Warning Labels

All blinds will be supplied with manufacturer's identification labels on the headrail; these must not be removed at any time. Child safety warning labels are attached to all control chains/cords; these must be left attached to the blinds when delivered or fitted and must only be removed by the end customer.


To ensure blinds are installed correctly, all cord tensioner / chain tidy / cleat devices must be used and fitted at least 150cm from the floor. If no installation height was provided and the blind is being professionally installed the fitter must adjust the chain/cords/safety devices so that when fitted it follows the known installation height rule.

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