Standard Making

Our standard specification includes a choice of lined or unlined curtains. If alternative linings are required please select our Premier curtain making. Premier Curtain Making

Our Premier curtain specification includes our luxury twill lining and weighted corners. Alternative linings are also available including thermal, blackout and bonded interlining. Samples of our curtain linings can be found in the linings section.


All curtains wider than 127cm are usually made from multiple joined widths of fabric, depending on the fabric width.

Pattern Matching

Pattern matching means that when the curtains (or blinds) are hung the fabric design is in the same position from left to right across all widths.

If two or more pairs of curtains (or roman blinds) are ordered on the same order with the same drop they are pattern- matched as standard.

If multiple pairs of curtains (or roman blinds) are ordered with different drops, they can be pattern matched from either the top or the bottom. If this is the case please specify on the order that pattern matching is required, stating whether the curtains or roman blinds should be pattern matched from the top or bottom. There is an additional charge of 10% for this option. Unless requested otherwise, all curtains will be pattern matched from the bottom.

The pattern matching on the join seams is as close as can be achieved with any particular fabric. However it is not possible to guarantee an exact pattern match on join seams. Where the curtains meet in the centre of the window, the side hems prevent an exact pattern match between curtains on the leading edges.
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